Rhyme Machine

If it’s a crime to rhyme, we’ll do the time.

It was a long hard climb, working overtime, but the app is sublime, a new paradigm for making rhyme.

There’s nothing routine about Rhyme Machine.

Rhyme Machine screenshot

Two things separate Rhyme Machine from the competition: the rhyme database and the user experience. We built our database by hand, using our own system of encoding sounds. Then we wrapped the database in a very attractive application designed exclusively for iOS.

Some other rhyming dictionaries require an online connection because they simply connect to some tired web site. Rhyme Machine’s database is completely contained within the app. With our incremental searching, finding rhymes is fast!

Don’t yelp. We’re here to help.

Rhyme Machine screenshot

You won’t find strange words like kote, Creson, mozzacco, or vanasse in Rhyme Machine. You’ll find words that you can actually use in your song or poem. If you see a word that you don’t recognize, just tap and hold to see its entry in the iOS dictionary.

You’ll revel in the levels.

The green button shows perfect rhymes. The yellow button shows approximate rhymes. The red button shows very approximate rhymes.

Rhyme Machine screenshot  Rhyme Machine screenshot  Rhyme Machine screenshot

Rhyme Machine is rad on phone or pad.

Rhyme Machine screenshot

Rhyme Machine works great on iPad, too. You can see all three levels at once.

Don’t let your zither wither! Put that esophagus in a sarcophagus! Keep the bacilli out of the chili, and bring hilarity to the charity! Buy Rhyme Machine from the App Store. It’s only $1.99.